AVP has no investment formula, nor investment limitations and structured transactions. In order to meet the highly specific needs of company owners, the management team, and other constituencies with a stake in your company, we like to approach each business with a unique method. AVP and our partners are also willing to invest in many situations that would not meet the criteria of other professional investors. These situations may include smaller transactions with companies that have exceptional prospects, niche market companies with total market opportunities less than $100 million, and other special situations, including turnarounds.

Our objective is to acquire companies, in partnership with management teams and/or other investors, as appropriate. We invest in a variety of companies across many industries with a variety of transaction structures encompassing minority growth equity investments to majority control leveraged acquisitions.

AVP has an appreciation for the challenges and complexity of growing a company and seek to bring their expertise and experience to management teams at the Board of Directors level. We focus on the long-term success of our portfolio companies and work actively to invest resources to maximize company value. This investment can take the form of helping to recruit senior management, identifying and negotiating acquisitions, formulating strategy, and financing growth. In specific situations such as a strategic acquisition or a major restructuring of a company’s distribution channel, Accelerated Venture Partners’ individual principals with direct experience are ready and willing to provide hands-on assistance to management teams. Our philosophy is to allow managers of its portfolio companies a very high degree of operating autonomy.

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