We are not institutional in our approach and we are not motivated by the same factors as other investment firms. Consistent with this conscious effort on our part to resist succumbing to the mindset of the majority of our professional investor brethren, we do not approach investment situations with preconceived ideas or a "formula ". We are willing to invest over the long term, be opportunistic and highly flexible with regard to investment structure.

Our goal is to meet the financial and non-financial objectives of all constituencies in an investment situation. We believe that people come first and a business, any business, will fail if management throughout an organization does not consistently apply solid values.

We style ourselves as company builders, and we recognize that management, not Accelerated Venture Partners, actually grow companies. Accordingly, we are acutely sensitive to the demands of running a business, making the day-to-day decisions and performing the balancing act required to grow enterprises to the next level.

Accelerated Venture Partners brings the same sophistication, professionalism, enthusiasm and appreciation for the individual characteristics of a particular business to a pre-revenue company as we do in our involvement with a $100 million company. We ascribe to the investment principle that you do not need to make very many investments if you make a few very good investments.

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