We understand that there is a world of difference between supporting you and doing your job and we respect that boundary. We consider ourselves facilitators, catalysts for change, coaches and hard workers who can open important doors for you. AVP can also aid your company in key strategic decisions but we don’t want to run your company- that’s the fun part, and it belongs to you.

With nearly 25 years of experience in partnering with entrepreneurs, we are able to draw from the best practices and our extensive connections to help you easily and quickly achieve key milestones.

Our entire investment team is at your disposal to support all facets of your business: business model assessment and refinement, customer acquisition, partner alliances, sales and marketing strategy, recruiting/building a management team, competitive analysis, HR/compensation practices, and corporate governance.

We have built long-standing relationships with a global network of potential partners, customers and trusted outside advisors including:

  • Senior executives who drive buying decisions at leading Fortune 500 Companies
  • Key executives at major technology firms for strategic partnerships or joint development
  • Alternative financing sources such as mezzanine/sub debt providers and leasing agents
  • Market research firms and other industry analysts
  • Experienced and trusted accountants, lawyers and other important service providers
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